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January 10, 2019

2019 Key Numbers

Investment Planning

Maximum tax on long-term capital gains and qualified dividends

0% rate applies (taxable income thresholds)20182019
SingleUp to $38,600Up to $39,375
Married filing jointlyUp to $77,200Up to $78,750
Married filing separatelyUp to $38,600Up to $39,375
Head of householdUp to $51,700Up to $52,750
15% rate applies (taxable income thresholds)20182019
Single$38,601 to $425,800$39,376 to $434,550
Married filing jointly$77,201 to $479,000$78,751 to $488,850
Married filing separately$38,601 to $239,500$39,376 to $244,425
Head of household$51,701 to $452,400$52,751 to $461,700
20% rate applies (taxable income thresholds)20182019
SingleOver $425,800Over $434,550
Married filing jointlyOver $479,000Over $488,850
Married filing separatelyOver $239,500Over $244,425
Head of householdOver $452,400Over $461,700

Unearned income Medicare contribution tax ("net investment income tax")

Amount of tax20182019
Tax percentage3.80%3.80%
Applies to lesser of (a) net investment income or (b) modified adjusted gross income exceeding:20182019
Married filing jointly $250,000$250,000
Married filing separately$125,000$125,000
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